Field Breaks Art Club

On-line workshops to inspire and motivate

On-line workshops for Spring 2022

Welcome to Field Breaks Art Club, designed to motivate and inspire you as we head through the Springtime.  FBA Artist in Residence Hazel Money will guide you through a series of short and enjoyable workshops covering differing techniques and subjects.
Workshops are relaxed and fun with an emphasis on experimentation, and are designed to use simple art materials you already have at home.  Full demonstration is given throughout and you will have plenty of time for asking questions as we go along.  Classes take part on-line using Zoom so please ensure you have a comfortable perch to view your screen and a secure internet connection.  

Zoom link and an image to work from will be forwarded a few days before the workshop - please print this out beforehand if you can, however if you have no access to a printer, you will be able to see Hazel's throughout the workshop on your screen.

Just £11 per workshop!

  • Motivate yourself with a new idea

  • Learn something different

  • No maximum class size

*Please note two of these workshops have been re-arranged with the following new dates:

Hollyhocks in Acrylics/Oils*

Friday 6th May 10:00am - 11:30am

Hollyhocks, towering high and blooming in a multitude of colours are a wonderfully fun plant to draw, with tight rows of buds, giant blowsy untidy foliage and magnificent spikes of flowers.  Acrylics or oil paints can be used for this workshop, where we will sketch out our flowers directly onto canvas or board, enjoying the feel of the medium and contrast of colour and shape.  Again, with step-by-step instructions this workshop is suitable for all abilities.

Materials list:  Paper/canvas/board of any size, primed. If possibe, please paint your dry primed paper with a “scrumbled” mix of burnt sienna or yellow ochre, and a little water to aid transparency.  Any brushes you have, though a medium bristle brush is best for acrylic.
Acrylic or oilpaints: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, cadmium yellow, cadmium red.  Alternatively bring any colours you have and we’ll make them work!  Pot for water.  Some kind of palette, Apron/cup of tea/biscuits…! 

Backyard Buildings*

Friday 13th May 10:00am - 11:30am

The humble back yard is often a wonderful source of inspiration for an artist - why not grab your pencils and join us as we study a jumble of old, characterful buildings.  There are no awkward corners or nasty perspective in this scene so we will very quickly be able to join up to the dots and start shading in all those lovely textures and details.  If you are not confident with your drawing, a "cheat sheet" will be sent out before the class to help you get started.  Suitable for all abilities.

Materials list:  Pencils of any denomination; plastic eraser; drawing paper and board.  Optional - tea & biscuits of your choice! 

Sketching in watercolours

Monday 16th May 10:00am - 11:30am

Follow in the footsteps of Constable and spend a little time by the river with your watercolours, looking at this famous view of Bridge Cottage at Flatford Mill, Suffolk.  Breaking the scene down into basic areas, we will depict the cottage and surrounding trees using colour and shape to describe the scenery.  Suitable for all abilities.

Materials list:  Any watercolour set ; watercolour brushes; a pencil; stretched or thick watercolour paper; water pot.  Some kitchen roll and a hair dryer might also be useful.  Optional - tea & biscuits of your choice! 

Pet friends in pencil

Friday 20th May 10:00am - 11:30am

Pets just love to find the best seat in the house so while they are sitting comfortably let's take that opportunity to get in close and capture them in graphite.  We will take a look at the general form and composition of our friend first before getting to grips with the details and use some shortcut pencil and eraser tricks to help draw fur and make it look three dimentional.  Suitable for all abilities. 

Materials list:  Pencils of any denomination; plastic eraser; drawing paper and board.  Optional - tea & biscuits of your choice!

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